Manning & Crewing


Manning & Crewing

Professional Excellence

"We treat our crews as we would our family members"


Lizstar is initially certified ISO9002:1994 and later certified in ISO9001:2015, which represents the quality of our services and our commitment to continuous improvement.

We provide professional services to our client in line with IMO and International standards.

Training And Education (In-House Facilities)

We understand the importance of continuous education, training and employee development. Investing in our employees is a strategic priority. We’re confident our crew members operate with the highest level of awareness and safety at sea.

At Lizstar we also understand communication is key. We strive to ensure all our seafarers are proficient in English to meet ship owners and principal’s requirements.

In order to maintain the highest education standard in accordance with IMO regulations, Lizstar training courses are updated regularly by the Marine Superintendent and Chief Instructor in collaboration with foreign instructors.

Teaching Facilities

All of our training, evaluations, appraisals and course work are documented. At LIZSTAR we use a variety of resources. Text books, charts and visual illustrations are used to aid in effective learning and application of the classes with a goal towards "SAFETY" at sea.


In house training and syllabuses are aligned with ISM, SOLAS, MARPOL and STCW 95. This ensures LIZSTAR's pool crew members are well trained, competent in ship management and also able to read and speak English at a conversational level.