President’s Message

Greeting from Myanmar!

From a humble, small establishment of a, “one man, one table, one home office” Lizstar has laid down a foundation for growth and became a professionally renowned Myanmar Shipping Company specializing in Ship Management, Technical Services and Myanmar Seafarers' Crewing to Ship Owners and Managers.

Lizstar is recognized as the pioneer for obtaining ISO certifications in Myanmar.

At Lizstar, we understand that the key to our success is people. From the seacrew to our management team, we understand firsthand what it takes to succeed in the maritime industry. It takes a unique blend of shipping knowledge, persistence, patience and integrity. We place a tremendous amount of focus on first understanding our client’s needs then matching them with our diverse and highly trained staff. We’re confident with this approach we will achieve employer and employee satisfaction.

With over two decades of crew manning experience, Lizstar is always prepared to take a step forward in Ship Management services. Our team is highly responsive to evolving business requirements and is committed to providing high quality, cost effective services. Lastly, we are constantly focused on safety measures and our environmental responsibilities.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Lizstar’s clients, Principals, Business partners and Seafarers for their invaluable support. We look forward to your partnership as Lizstar continues to relentlessly pursue the destination of a Triumphant future.

Mr. Maung Win Zaw

B.Econ (Stats), MBA, PhD. President, Lizstar Group of Companies

Mr. Thein Htay Aung

Managing Director of Lizstar Shipping Co.,Ltd.

Mr. Aung Lin

Managing Director of Lizstar (Singapore) Pte Ltd.